Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester

Integral Testing

– Low strain pile integrity testing by reflected wave method

Applicable Standards
-Standard test method for low strain impact integrity testing of deep foundations ASTM D5882-07
-Technical code for detection of building foundation pile JGJ 106-2014
-Dynamic testing technology regulations on highway engineering foundation pile JTG/T F81-01-2004
-Nondestructive detection code for railway engineering foundation pile TB 10218-2008
-Technical code for defection of building foundation JGJ 340-2015

The test is based on wave propagation theory. The name “low strain pile integrity test” stems from the fact that when a light impact is applied to a pile it produces a low strain. The impact generates a stress wave that travels down the pile. When the downward stress wave encounters a change in cross section or in concrete quality, it generates reflected wave that is later observed at the pile top. By analyzing the propagation time,amplitude and phase of that reflected wave, it has the evaluation of pile integrity ultimately.

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