Digimatic Compression Machine 2000kN

Standard: EN 12390-3/772-1/12390-5/12390-6, ASTM C39/C293, AASHTO T 22

Compression & Flexural

NL Digimatic Compression Machine are special designed extremely strong and oversized to grant high rigidity and stability during testing. With a fixed upper head carrying a ball-seated platen and base platen with 150 mm cube centering guide pin. Equipped with analogue loading speed indication knob.

Unique Feature :-
-Front and side safety enclosed
-Rapid approach system for time saving
-Grade 1.0 compression accuracy
-Piston anti-over travel limit switch

Digimatic multi function controller :-
-Force value in kN & Mpa
-Max. force hold facility with real time force vs time graft display
-Multiple testing program can be selected
-Auto result saving up to 500 specimen
-RS 232 port for instant result printing (Mini printer c/w cable NEED order separately)
-115 x 65 mm high resolution LED screen

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