Digimatic Flexural / Mortar Compression Machine 100 / 300 kN

Standard: EN 12390-5, EN 196-1/ ASTM C 39, ASTM C 109, ASTM C348/AASHTO T22

Flexural and Low Strength Compression

A simple and practical frame design for testing concrete beam and with additional optional device for testing mortar specimen, two prestress column design include pressure transducer, loading rate control knob and digimatic control unit.

Digimatic multi function controller :-
– With kN and Mpa force value display
– Max force hold facility with real time force vs time-graph display
– Auto result saving up to 450 specimens
– RS 232 port for instant result printing (Mini printer c/w cable NEED ORDER SEPARATELY)

Unique Feature :-
– Rapid approach system for the time saving
– Loading speed control knob
– Grade 1.0 accuracy result
– 5 elements injection hydraulic pump

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