Ultrasonic Detector ZBL

Concrete Detector

Quick detection of integrity of foundation pile continuous wall with Ultrasonic penetration method.

Application :
– For testing the integrity of foundation pile (”Pile Test”)
– For testing compressive strength of concrete (”Strength Test”)
– For testing defect and cavity in cultural member (”Defect Test”)
– For testing crack depth of concrete surface (”Crack Test”)

Features :
– The test result is available and the graphic distribution of abnormal points in each profile is shown at any time.
– Sampling delay and amplification factor may be adjusted at any time.
– With true color highlight LCD, waveform, wave speed and amplitude of multiple tested profiles maybe clearly observed on site data, curve, wave train figure and schematic graph of pile integrity of all test points in all profiles may be checked at any time, the quality of whole pile in the test is very clear.
– It adopts WinCE operation system with press screen and user-friendly interface, which is simply, easy to learn and convenient to operate.
– With high-capacity SD Card, there is no need to worry about the storage space of test data
– Built in high-performance and capacity lithium battery may satisfy fieldwork for long time.
– Various USB ports may be used for data transmission or software update within the instrument or external units such as mouse or keyboard.
– Test data of the same project is saved under the folder created with the title of the project for easy and reliable management.

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