Pneumatic Driven Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Standard: TRL, ISO 22476-2

Pneumatic Dynamic Probing Light (DPL) testing and Dynamic Probing Medium (DPM) testing set is suitable for doing light weight, 10 kg and medium heavy weight 30kg dynamic. Used for the determination of the strength and deformation properties of the soils according to ISO 22476-2. The apparatus comprises a pneumatic power-pack with a four-stroke gasoline engine which drives through a flexible shaft with the lifting mechanism. It is a fully automated pressure release valve. Supply with a 10 kg weight and 20kg optional weight. This apparatus is comply ISO standard for medium weight test apparatus with 30kg mass and 20 cm drop height. It is a cost effective, simple and reliable tool suitable for light dynamic penetration testing up to approx. 10 – 12 m depth.

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