Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester

Standard: ASTM D2573

The Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester is especially designed to measure the in situ undrained shear strength in clays. The instrument consists of a T-handle cylindrical body where a torsional spring in housed, and three interchangeable vanes of different sizes, used depending to the expected strength of the soil to be tested. The height / diameter ratio of all vanes is 2.

During operation the vane is driven for 5-6 cm into the soil and then turned with the handle. Deep measures (i.e. on the top of undisturbed samples) can be obtained using the extension rod.

– Perfect kit for all those measuring in top soils.
– Ideal for agronomists, civil engineers.
– Small but sensitive and accurate.
– Drag ring for easy read-out.
– Dummy used for zero measurement.

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