Computerized Compression Machine 2000kN (Fully Automatic)

Standard: EN 12390-3, ASTM C39, AASHTO T22

Compression And Flexural

Newly upgraded model, rigid, compact & with brand new outlook. Old AC motor had replaced by new imported DC motor for more durability, low noise pollution, low oil temperature & low power consumption. Extra improvement on safety feature with fully protection cover & piston travel protection switch cover.

*Powered by direct current (DC) motor for high energy saving motor durability.
*Heavy duty industry TOUCH SCREEN & KEY PAD operated monitor.
*Extremely low sound & vibration during operation
*User friendly computerized system
*Original genius parts cost low maintenance
*Free from foundation mounting
*Fully covered safety enclosed

Software Super Test 7.2
*User friendly one click RUN to operate & clear menu display indication.
*Options to select number of decimal points to display for Load, Strength & Speed.
*Real time display of Load against Time curve & options to display curve in test report.
*Number of samples per report can be added up to 10 samples.
*Unlimited savings of test result in huge computer storage memory.
*User input of Test Number, Strength, Age, Sample Size (cube, block & cylinder) & Loading Speed
*Test report can be printed immediately after test with a printer connected.
*Test report header can be input manually for various information such as customer information, weight, mixing ratio, project, etc.
*Simple automatic or manual loading for calibration with auto correction function for load error.
*Software consists of dual programes for compression & flexural tests.

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