Automatic Digital Pull Off Tester 30kN (Portable Type, Bond Strength)

– The equipment is equipped with leveling feet, which can adjust the level of the pulling head and the road surface during field testing.
– Stepper motor drive loading, with speed closed loop, stepless speed adjustment; high subdivision drive design, no vibration at low speed.
– It adopts a 5-inch color screen, has a friendly and beautiful interface, and has upper and lower limit protection and overload protection functions.
– With test result storage and viewing, it is convenient for users to view historical test data.
– Equipped with a power lithium battery pack (already installed), no generator or on-board battery is required for field testing.
– With USB data export function, test data can be directly exported to U disk in EXCEL format.
– The built-in large-capacity lithium battery can meet the full load test measurement for a day.
– The chassis with casters makes it easy to carry and move on site.

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